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Author L.A. Banks at the RT Convention, 2011

Author L.A. Banks at the RT Convention, 2011

It was recently announced that author L.A. BanksĀ  is gravely ill. She was recently diagnosed with late-stage adrenal cancer, which is incredibly rare but no less deadly. A group of friends, authors, and editors has banded together to auction off items most writers will love. All proceeds go to help Leslie and her family with their mounting expenses.

I’ve donated a line edit of the first three chapters of your manuscript, fiction or non-fiction. You can see the list of all the auction items here.

After reading many of her books, I was lucky enough to meet Leslie at the RT Convention last April. She is warm, funny, and inspirational. We all love writing, we all love working with words… but Leslie’s face lights up when she talks about her process, and her hearty laughs tickle you into laughing along with her. From her, I learned how to do story research at WalMart (yes!), and about a thousand other great ideas.

I’m honored to have been included in the L.A. Banks Auction, and hope you will bid on the items to support Leslie and her family. More about Leslie here and here.

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