Can’t find the perfect words to promote your product or service?

I deliver creative copywriting solutions to provide your business clear and compelling customer-facing communications. I can help you shape your message for web, e-mail, and print distribution, and ensure a consistent voice across all channels.

Web content has been my specialty since 1995 (since 1987 for print content). In addition, my years as a software engineer at the first major search engine give me a solid background in SEO and Ad Operations. I know what search engines like, and what they don’t like: your copy will be structured to give you strong organic search results and clicks that convert.

Clients include attorneys, estate planners, insurance agents, publishers and authors, and on the corporate side, Wells Fargo and HBSC. Samples available here.


I love collaborative writing. If you’d rather talk than write, or if you don’t have time to do more than add your finishing touches to a nearly-complete manuscript, I’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your book project. I am a skilled interviewer, either by telephone or in person, and a motivated, concise writer.