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Crutch Words

Uh-oh, I hear you thinking. It’s going to be one of those ranty ones. Well, yes, it is, but I will try to make it quick and relatively painless. This post describes one of the easiest ways to improve your … Continue reading

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Free Edit for a Good Cause

It was recently announced that author L.A. BanksĀ  is gravely ill. She was recently diagnosed with late-stage adrenal cancer, which is incredibly rare but no less deadly. A group of friends, authors, and editors has banded together to auction off … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Cookies

Today is Father’s Day, so for the last several days, I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a post that is simultaneously about writing and my dad. It shouldn’t be that hard: after all, he’s the one … Continue reading

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Like Singing in the Car

I went to a business meetup earlier today and had a bit of a drive to get home. Today was the quintessentially perfect California day: unusually clear, cloudless unreal-cerulean skies, temperature right around 68 degrees, and no traffic to speak … Continue reading

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What I Do

On a normal day, I have anywhere from two to ten manuscripts in some stage of the editing process. I keep the which-manuscript-is-at-which-stage problem all neat and tidy in a huge, conditional-formatting color-coded Excel spreadsheet, but that’s a subject for … Continue reading

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Off to RT!

I’m taking five manuscripts with me, which at this point is sounding more than a little optimistic. The plane ride is only an hour long…

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